To Reserve the Trailer (Read Carefully)

**  This trailer is located and for the use of the Yellowhead Region **

Step 1    Check the calendar below and see if desired dates are available on the calendar.

Step 2    Submit the Request to Reserve form by email – Email Block Party Trailer Coordinator

Step 3    Wait for confirmation by email that requested dates have been initially reserved.

Step 4    Mail the completed Trailer Policy Document along with a cheque for $150 made payable to the “Midwest Baptist Association” (legal name) to:

                                         CNBC Alberta

                                         c/o 42 Lodgepole Crescent

                                         St. Albert,  AB   T8N 2R7

Step 5    Look at the other sections of the website for further instructions regarding the pick-up, use & care of equipment as well as the drop-off of the trailer.


Reservation Guidelines:

A reservation will be held for 14 days upon the receipt of a Request to Reserve form by email.

The signed Trailer Policy Document and the $150 fee must be received by the CNBC Alberta within 14 days to confirm the reservation. If the application and deposit are not received within 14 days, the Trailer will be made available again on a first come, first serve basis.

The Trailer may be reserved up to 6 months in advance of the use date.

The Trailer may not be reserved more than 3 times by any one church during the peak use season (June-August).

When more than one church requests the Trailer for the same date (i.e. Canada Day) there will be an effort to give fair and equal access to the Trailer.


To Contact Us:

Click here to send an email to the Block Party Trailer Coordinator




Initial Request to Reserve the Block Party Trailer

Policy Document to be signed and submitted along with payment in order to secure reservation.

Incident report form to use in the event of any damage to persons or trailer equipment during an event.