Be Intentional and Strategic

As you plan to use the CNBC Alberta Block Party Trailer it is a good idea to consider the overall evangelism strategy for your church or ministry. After all, you want to have more than a great event – you want to see transformation as the Good News is shared in both word and deed.

Think of a Block Party Event as an intentional part of your overall evangelism strategy designed to connect your church family with the unchurched community in a fun, relational and effective way. This may provide an opportunity to “build a bridge” between your church and your community as you demonstrate that you care and that you are willing to meet them where they are by providing a comfortable environment where you can build trust relationships. A Block Party is also an effective way to engage more of your church in some type of outreach as you work together to provide this “door of entry” to bring others to the Lord and into the church.

Think about a comprehensive outreach process that involves everyone as you PRAY, ASK & SHARE!

  1. Praying –
    1. actively praying for the lost
    2. prayerwalking neighbourhoods
    3. continually discover lost people & examine their needs
  2. Asking – inviting/bringing lost friends & family
    1. create environments for evangelism to take place with a variety of ways for people to be involved
    2. do intentionally evangelistic events
    3. provide “open doors” and “entry points” for new people to take steps toward Christ & the church
  3. Sharing – telling His story and your story of salvation
    1. increase the number of times people hear a complete gospel presentation
    2. provide for Scripture distribution in every person’s heart language
    3. provide training for a variety of evangelism approaches (relational, servant, personal testimony)
    4. give opportunities for people to respond to the Gospel by inviting them to receive God’s gift of Salvation

Consider the Qualities of a Successful Block Party Event:

  1. Intentionally evangelistic – part of your overall outreach vision; count conversations and be prepared to share; give out Bibles; tracts; simple invite cards; brief testimony; play Christian music; intentional registration process for effective follow-up; what are some “next steps” for your guests?
  2. Organized – have a plan (see below for planning components.

                  ** Preparation is 30%  –  The Block Party Event is 20% –  Follow-up is 50% **

  1. Intimate – relational; engage in conversations; listen to people’s stories
  2. Interesting – music; creative; interactive; use your talents; involve community organizations    (fire truck; military; classic cars; yard sale; police fingerprint i.d. for children, etc.)
  3. Contextual – appropriate for the audience
  4. Bathed in Prayer – prayer walking

Key Things you will want to do for a Successful Block Party Event:

  1. set a date & location and reserve the Block Party Trailer
  2. Plan the event; What will it look like? Assemble your Team (see Job List below) Decide on additional games, face painting, clowns, craft, etc.
  3. Promote this FREE event – free advertising; door hangers; invite cards;
  4. Get door prizes to be given away (ipod, gift baskets, movie tickets, etc). Delivering prizes to people that won provides a great opportunity to visit.
  5. Registration Process is vital for effective follow-up. Build a bridge by having everyone fill out a simple guest card as they “enter” the event (name, address, phone number, email, kids names & ages; “I’d like more information about the church” and “I’d like to learn more about becoming a Christian.” Then give them 6-10 tickets for each person to use at every game, activity, food station.
  6. Provide every family with a “goody bag” that may include a New Testament, gospel tract, Christian book, information about the church, invitation to a new message series or special event/VBS
  7. Develop a Food Plan & budget (hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, etc.)
  8. Music (need ipod or cd player to plug into sound system); play upbeat music
  9. Enlist volunteers for Registration Table, 2 for each game & bouncer, 2 for each food item, minglers
  10. Plan Follow-up with an email/visit/phone call to every person who registered

Enlist your Party Team!

How many leaders will you need for this event? – everyone!

…but here are some key leadership roles that you will need to make sure are covered:

  1. Event Coordinator
  2. Food Team Leader
  3. Trailer Pick-up and Return
  4. Program/Activity Leader
  5. Promotion Leader
  6. Prayer Leader
  7. Greeters/Registration Team Leader
  8. Sound System – Music & Emcee
  9. Everyone for Set-up and Take-down

See the attached planning documents for further information on your Party Team:

CNBC AB Party Layout

CNBC AB Planning Sheet

CNBC AB Equipment Usage